About me! 

I figured it’s best to start with a personal intro.
So hi world I’m Hayley-Jayne, and I have just decided to become a blogger!
My life has been full of ups and downs as I am sure many of you have experienced. Life is never easy, to say the least?!
So far in my 35years of living all I can say is….it’s one hell of a rollercoaster. I am a daughter of 3 to the parental unit (the middle one to be exact). I am Christian but human. I love dogs, horses, the beach, mountains basically I am in love with life. I have been married, divorced, suffered mental and emotional abuse (not aware of this until told) and I have been cheated on… who hasn’t hey? But most importantly I cherish the few friends close friends I have and enjoy the wider circle which also bring me joy. I have a niece and two nephews from my older sister. My younger sister whom I share a lot with is both a teacher and sportswoman.
As I get used to this forum I will gradually reveal more about myself and share stories and inspiration along the way.
But as an intro… a bit about “the wildebeast”. Firstly yes I am South African but I earned that name through work.
I work in an industry which is very male dominant, and it is them who gave me the nickname. Have you ever observed a wildebeast? Have you seen how impatient they are? Have you noticed how once they are in migration mode they don’t stop until they reach their destination? Apparently this is me!
I am impatient definitely, have been since I was a kid. I’m learning (but never quick enough) to be more patient, but once I have a target in mind that’s it, I will go at it with full gusto until I have achieved it. Wildebeast … maybe…. determined definitely. But I learnt that I can work with the best of them or the worst of them and still enjoy what I do and find humour in a days work.
I want to inspire others to find humour in everyday! After all it’s the little things in life.
Chat soon 😁